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stza customs

Stza Customs is a family run business who believes in treating each piece we paint like it's our own.  We know your luxury goods are special (and pricy), so trust that the artwork you see is the artwork you will get.  We do not have photoshopped "ideas" of possible designs.  All items for sale are the actual bag you will receive and any customizations are painted by us.  We never outsource work!


Meet stephanie

Hi Ya'll:)

Im the artist and founder of StzaCustoms.  I wanted to keep this short, sweet, and personal since I will be the one you actually reach out to with all of your bag questions.


I was born and raised in Texas and have two awesome kids and an extremely talented husband, who I finally got on bag art bandwagon too.  

I have been painting for about 13 years, but my bag painting journey began in early 2017 when I was looking for any kind of art-related job just to make extra money.  I was outsourced by a small company to paint stripes and monograms.  Through much experimentation, I  learned what worked and what didn't.  It wasn't long before I bought my first guinea pig bag (a Goyard) and let my creative skills loose on it.  In early 2018, I posted my first bag on social media and the request started pouring in.  I now have my dream job painting luxury bags in my pajamas and meeting new, amazing people daily.   



Tony has been my husband /best friend for the last 15 years and now my favorite business partner.  He is an integral part of StzaCustoms, whether it's painting bags or entertaining the kids while Mommy works, I could not do it without him.

Tony has been a fine artist for most of his life so its only natural that he was my first choice when I realized I needed to add another artist in the mix.  From silk screening to hyperrealistic oil painting, he can do it all.   He also has a background in engineering which comes in handy for more technical orders and all of that pesky measuring that sometimes scares me,)



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